BGR licensed to service Trans-Atlantic Cuba flights

Plane takes off from Bangor aiprort

Bangor International Airport has received a license from the US Department of the Treasury to refuel Trans-Atlantic flights to Cuba.

portland-press-herald_3720877BGR Director, Tony Caruso said, “We are extremely pleased that our licensing request to service trans-Atlantic flights to Cuba has been approved.  This now creates a level playing field to compete for this market segment with the Canadian airports that have been able to provide this service since the 1960’s.” Previously, Bangor could not compete for this business due to the restrictions on trade with Cuba.  Caruso thanked Senator Collins and Maine’s congressional delegation for getting this license.

Airport Committee Chair, Councilor Joseph Baldacci stated, “This is great news for Bangor.  BGR’s strategic location for technical stops is widely known but for years those planes headed for Cuba were banned from using our facilities.  This added business is yet another opportunity for growth at BGR.  The recent news of Wayfair’s call center locating on the Airport campus and more expansion at C&L Aerospace emphasizes the importance of BGR as a regional asset.”

“Under the travel ban, foreign air carriers traveling to or from Cuba were prevented from refueling and receiving services at U.S. airports, forcing many to bypass airports like the Bangor International Airport and choose Canadian airports instead,” said Collins. “I have long advocated that the U.S. permit these non-traffic transit stops, and I am delighted that the Treasury Department has finally issued this license, which will allow the Bangor airport to compete for airlines’ business and help create jobs in eastern Maine.”

The technical stops by any aircraft at Bangor International destined for Cuba will be allowed to refuel, de-ice, and receive catering and other crew services, but will not be allowed to disembark or load any passengers.

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