Bergen Airport reports baggage handling success

Terminal 3, the new terminal at Bergen Flesland Airport in Western Norway, reported operational success with its new Beumer Group baggage handling system (BHS), in its first three months since opening.

One of the key focuses for the new terminal was optimising operational and environmental efficiency, particularly for baggage handling.  The BHS has improved efficiency and passenger experience at Bergen Airport, and enabled all check-in positions to feature automatic Self-Bag Drop.

Petter Hope, Project Manager for Terminal 3 at Bergen Airport, commented: “The BHS system from Beumer exceeds our efficiency goals. The CrisBag tote-based system is a pull-system instead of the common push-system because of the inclusion of the dynamic EBS. This meant we were able to reduce the number of sorting bins required, saving space and allowing the ground handler to plan the loading process more efficiently.”

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