Aviation minister pledges to help aviation sector

At the Airport Operators Association reception, Baroness Sugg told industry representatives the Government will help the aviation sector be more competitive, prosperous and sustainable.

She confirmed that the up-coming aviation strategy will support the aviation sector and said:

  • More has to be done to address consumer issues– including tackling disruptive passengers; reviewing the compensation process; and providing support for disabled and elderly passengers.
  • Changes must be made to the management of the UK’s airspace to achieve a cleaner, quieter, more efficient aviation sector
  • There has to be improved engagement with local communities to explain changes and what the industry is doing to make best use of existing airspace
  • Government and industry needs to work together to forge a new future outside the European Union

Baroness Sugg told the Airport Operators Association event: “The UK aviation sector is the third largest market in the world, and we want to continue being a competitive and leading global partner. That’s why our new Aviation Strategy will be rooted in partnership between Government and industry.

“It will set out a new framework for a safe, secure and sustainable aviation sector, with the connections Britain’s economy will need to continue growing up to 2050 and beyond.”

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