arosa de-icing solution from delair

Snow and ice challenge all airports alike. Suddenly, the runway is no longer the bottleneck, but sufficient and efficient de-icing capacity requires fast adjustment to the operational situation.

delair’s de-icing solution arosa supports the de-icing coordinator with forecast, as well as operational support.

• arosa de-icing forecast allows the de-icing coordinator detailed scenario and contingency planning, based on demand compared to available de-icing resources under consideration of the latest weather forecast, de-icing procedures and rules, aircraft type, etc.

• arosa de-icing planning then applies the best de-icing strategy, optimising departures and de-icing sequencing for on-stand and on-pad de-icing.

Departure constraints, such as holdover times, ATC slots and other restrictions are being taken care of. Where available, the entire solution integrates itself seamlessly into existing A-CDM and departure planning systems achieving the best possible results.

Contact Joerg Kuehnel, for details.

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