ADVAM installs “green” parking system at Auckland Airport

ADVAM has signed an agreement with Auckland Airport to provision Unattended Payments within their car parks.

This system is unique within New Zealand, enabling customers to use their credit card as both an enabler to access/exit the car park and to pay for parking quickly, using the contactless solution.

Auckland Airport have worked with ADVAM for some time, providing a ticket solution to Ground Transport. However, they wanted to take the step further and improve the experience for their parking customers, as well as help to reduce the environmental footprint of the airport. With this new solution it is estimated that from the reduction in paper alone that the airport has saved so far, just over 5 trees, 470 litres of fuel and 1,322 kilowatts of energy.

Auckland Airport is a vital transport hub for both people and cargo, connecting Auckland to New Zealand and New Zealand to the world. It is a major driver of the New Zealand economy, generating billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. As such, the airport carefully considers its responsibility, not only to its passengers, but the community it serves. A focus on innovation to improve the customer journey is carefully considered with the impact on the environment and making sure that the airport can sustainably manage the 150% anticipated growth in passengers to 2044.

With this solution in place, the focus moved to passenger parking and how the experience could be improved for its customers.

To make this improvement and to provide a seamless experience it was important that the solution could;

  • Enable fast, secure payments
  • Integrate with existing access control
  • Integrate with the parking reservation service


Troy Lineen, Transport Manager at Auckland Airport comments, “As the number of passengers travelling to, from and through Auckland Airport increases, we’re constantly evolving our products and services to ensure we can maintain the highest level of customer experience. We identified that we could improve the customer parking experience by providing a single, seamless parking and payment process. This would not only reduce the time it takes for customers to pay for their parking but reduce queues in and around the car parks. ADVAM was able to meet our needs of secure payment processing and the integration with our existing systems, providing us with a solution that will enable us to sustainably support growth.”

The ADVAM UnattendedPayments solution is EMV certified and complies with the latest PCI DSS Standards, enabling Auckland Airport to manage a fast and secure payment process for their customers. The solution is fully integrated with all Auckland Airport payment stations, including the entry and exit columns. Customers no longer need to queue at payment stations, but can simply tap their card as they enter, and again at exit to make payment. This means that the flow in and out of the car park is not interrupted, the time per transaction is reduced and the method of making payment is autonomous with the use of the car park.

The solution also integrates with Auckland Airport’s parking reservation system, enabling customers to use their payment card as an entry/exit method, further enhancing the customers’ experience.

As Auckland Airport continues to grow, it is important to them that its impact on the environment is minimised where possible. This solution has enabled Auckland Airport to significantly reduce the number of paper tickets from the parking experience and with over 200,000 transactions to date that is a lot of tickets.


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