Abu Dhabi installs fuel depot safety system

Abu Dhabi airport control tower

A multi-million dollar extension to one of the most high-risk areas of Abu Dhabi International Airport is being protected by a new fire alert system.

Abu Dhabi airportThe system covers a new extension to the aviation fuel depot on site.The new depot is a key part of the wider expansion of the airport and, as it is used to handle jet fuel, requires a high quality UL864 approved fire system

The new fire system covers control rooms, office buildings, substations and operational areas. It comprises five Axis AX 4-loop panels, BACnet BMS integration and over 300 individual components and devices.

The Axis AX panels supplied by Advanced are networked together in a fault-tolerant, ‘ring network’ and then interfaced to a Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC) using redundant communication. Optical smoke detectors are specified in the main buildings, while flame and gas detectors are being used in operational areas, interfacing directly with the PLC.

A spokesperson for ADNOC FOD, the owner and operator of Abu Dhabi International Airport, said: “Safety is paramount right across the airport, and even more so in the tightly controlled environment of the aviation fuel depot.”

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